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To create a business atmosphere grounded in honesty, value, and the highest quality of customer service where customers and team members feel immensely respected, appreciated, and cared for.


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With an extensive experience of over 35 years in the jewelry and retail business, Jewelers Cut Pawn is extremely well known amongst the most reputed & trusted places in Cullman – Alabama, when it comes to acquiring a quick short-term cash loan.

We are a family-owned & operated business & the most highly rated pawn shop in the area. Since our inception two years ago, we have earned a solid reputation of a business driven by values of absolute honesty, fairness & a trusting relationship with our customers. The store boasts a clean, friendly, safe & professional environment for buying, selling, and pawning.

Our staff is highly trained, and we have extensive experience in estate & fine jewelry, gold, silver, diamonds, platinum, coins & bullion, luxury watches. At our pawn shop, we do no obligation on the spot appraisals of your items and provide instant cash. We also secure your items in a 24 hour alarmed and video-recorded environment, ensuring you complete peace of mind.

As a member of several organizations of repute such as the National Pawnbrokers Association, Alabama Pawnbrokers Association, & Cullman Area Chamber Of Commerce, our endeavor is to provide top-class services to the community & support them with all our honesty & integrity in their difficult financial times.

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We Are One Of The Most Highly Rated Pawn Shops In Alabama


Pawning is the quickest and the easiest way to borrow money without the hassles of credit checks and lengthy loan applications. Pawning is where you get a cash loan against an item, and the pawnbroker stores the item with them unless you pay the total loan amount along with any applicable interest & fees or the pawn contract defaults.

No, as pawn loans are based on the value of your collateral items & not your credit rating.

We typically accept anything that has a resale value like – gold, silver & diamonds, platinum, jewelry; coins, bullion; luxury watches; guitars & musical instruments; electronic items like TVs, cameras, music systems, phones, laptops, play stations; collectibles & paintings; sports equipment; power tools, etc.

Yes, no matter what condition your jewelry is in, precious metals still hold their worth which depends on the prevailing market rates.

The value of the item is determined based on its age, current working condition, appearance, missing parts or documentation, and its in-store demand & salability. The value of precious metals is deduced through the prevailing market prices.

Pawn loans in the State of Alabama are for 30 days with an additional 30-day grace period.

Your loan can be renewed for another 30 days by just paying the convenience fee. It's advisable to discuss with us in such cases so that we can work out any alternatives. In case you still don't wish to pay and redeem your item, you can let the loan term expire, and the pawnshop will take legal possession of the item and sell it off

No, the ownership remains with the customer until the pawn loan expires. Your item is placed for sale only in case you fail to renew the loan or pay it in full within the loan term and any applicable grace period.

Yes, anyone can make a payment for your loan. Only the original pledgee or a person with the original pawn receipt (and a Government-issued photo ID) is allowed to pick up the item.

Pawn loans can be paid through debit cards & cash. However, you can pay for purchases through cash & both debit & credit cards.

Yes, we inform our customers through text and phone calls when the loan has expired & you are in the grace period.

You can pawn as many items as you wish and borrow as much cash as you need.

Yes, as pawn shops are highly regulated on a local, state, and federal level.

At pawn shops, one gets merchandise at about one-third or even half the prices as compared to the retail stores.

Procuring a pawn loan is the easiest way to meet short terms financial needs without the hassle of credit checks and lengthy loan applications and bank procedures. A pawn loan can be acquired within minutes.

  • You bring your item to our pawnshop
  • Our experts do an on the spot appraisal & inform you about the allowable loan amount
  • You produce a valid ID.
  • Sign the required documents
  • You get instant cash

No, pawn shops are highly regulated and work very closely with the local law enforcement officials. In fact, pawnshops are the most dangerous places for getting rid of stolen items. Pawnbrokers are highly trained in order to identify stolen items & are always on the lookout for the same. Overall, less than 1/10 of 1% of the items are identified as stolen goods.

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