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Pawn Loans

Need Cash? But Don't Want to Lose Your Items?

It's Time to Get a Pawn Loan

Pawning is an extremely convenient way of borrowing cash when you don't have the time, eligibility, or the will to go through lengthy procedures at a traditional bank.

A pawn loan, also known as a collateral loan, is when money is lent in exchange for an item, & where the loan amount is based on a percentage of the item's value. The item is returned to the customer when the loan is paid off or can also be surrendered as payment in full.

Pawning is extremely easy & hassle-free – you simply bring us your valuables; we professionally appraise your items & negotiate a cash loan price; we then hold your collateral item for 30 days until you pick it up. If you are unable to pay the entire amount to redeem your item(s), you can simply pay the small convenience fee and extend the loan for an additional 30 days. And if you don't want your item back, you are not required to do anything else.

Jewler's Cut Pawn

The Best Pawn Shop in Cullman

Jeweler's Cut Pawn is the friendliest pawn shop in the Cullman, Alabama area & the perfect choice to get a cash loan, fast and easy! Our loan process is a quick, confidential, and convenient option for you to get a much-needed cash loan with no credit check.

We loan on everything from gold, silver, diamonds, jewelry, coins, bullion, luxury watches, guitars & musical instruments, electronics, power tools & much more. We secure your items in a 24 hour alarmed and video-recorded environment, ensuring you complete peace of mind. All of our loans are non-recourse, meaning, if you cannot repay the loan, it will not affect your credit score.

Get Cash in a Flash Simple & Hassle-free Procedure

Walk-In With Your Items

Just walk into our store with the items you would like to use as collateral

Present a Valid Govt. Issued Photo ID

Present a Valid Govt. Issued Photo ID Proof

Get On the Spot Appraisal & Cash

We will do a quick, professional appraisal, & you get quick cash

Redeem Your Valuables

Possess your valuables again by paying the loan amount along with any applicable convenience fee

Loan, Buy, Sell, or Trade on Virtually Anything!

Jewler's Cut Pawn

Fine Jewelry And Luxury Watches

And more including Rolex, Omega and more

Jewler's Cut Pawn

Fire Arms

The areas largest inventory of fire arms, ammunition, and accessories.

Jewler's Cut Pawn

Collectibles, Gift Cards & Others

Sports equipment, gift cards, silverware sets, etc.

Jewler's Cut Pawn

Power Tools & Machines

Mechanic Tools, Gently Used Machines, Construction Equipment, Power Tools, Air Compressors, Drill Sets, Air Tools

Jewler's Cut Pawn


We take TVs, cameras, game consoles, headphones, music systems, iPads, MacBooks, laptops, Bluetooth speakers & more!

Jewler's Cut Pawn

Musical Instruments & Gear

Sell Us Your Guitars, Microphones, Amplifiers, Pedals, Drum Kits, Saxophones, Trumpets, Keyboards, Studio Equipment

Say No to Lengthy Loan Applications & Credit Checks!

  • Pawn any item of value
  • Pawn as many items as you wish
  • Borrow as much cash as you need
  • The loan amount depends on the item's condition, its market price & salability
  • Your items are appraised by competent staff
  • On The Spot Cash For You
  • No credit check is ever required
  • No reporting is done to credit rating agencies even if you don't repay the loan
  • Your items are stored in secured vaults & safes & are under 24-hour protection
  • All Pawn transactions are totally safe & confidential

And Here Is the Best Part – Failure to Repay the Loan Does Not Impact Your Future Ability to Borrow in Any Way!

We Buy Gold

Sell Your Old, Used & Broken Jewelry Items

 We Give Instant Cash For Gold In Alabama

Turn Your Unwanted Gold Into Cash in a Flash

Bring it to Jeweler's Cut Pawn in Cullman, Alabama, where our super friendly staff will do an on-the-spot no obligation appraisal for you, and you walk out of our store with immediate cash. With over 35 years of remarkable jewelry buying & selling experience, our staff is highly trained to precisely and accurately appraise your valuables & ensure top dollar for your items.

You can either get a loan or can sell your valuables to us; we buy everything, from old & broken jewelry, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, rare coins, gemstones, rings, earrings, necklaces, bangles, chains, bracelets, anklets & others.

We guarantee maximum cash for gold in Cullman, Alabama.

Jewler's Cut Pawn
Jewler's Cut Pawn

Scrap Gold

Scrap gold exactly is what it sounds like – gold that is intended to be recycled. Pieces of gold and broken jewelry are potential scrap gold. If it has no value to you in its current form, sell it to us and get some cash on the spot.

Broken Gold

Broken gold is similar to scrap gold, but it may or may not be intended for recycling purposes. If you have a broken gold piece, you'd like to sell or pawn, head into our store and get a free appraisal done.

Jewler's Cut Pawn

Broken Jewelry

Have a gold necklace with a broken clasp or a gold ring that has been dented or damaged? We'll buy it right away! We take broken jewelry items of all kinds at our pawn shop, and it doesn't matter what condition it's in, as long as it's gold. If you can't wear it and don't want to bother getting it repaired, bring it to us. We'll make an on-the-spot offer on it.

Jewler's Cut Pawn

Unwanted Gold

If you have gold you just don't want to hang on to anymore for whatever reason; we would be glad to take it off your hands for cash.

Jewler's Cut Pawn

Estate Jewelry

Jeweler's Cut Pawn offers professional services for attorneys and families who seek to appraise and liquidate jewelry in estates. We are highly experienced estate jewelry buyers with over 35 years of jewelry industry experience. We specialize in a variety of items, including gold, silver, fine jewelry, diamonds, coins, bullion, and watches.

Jewler's Cut Pawn

Gold and Silver Coins & Bullion

Ready to part with an old coin collection? Or perhaps you inherited some gold or silver bullion pieces and prefer to trade them in for cash? We'll give you an attractive price for any gold or silver coins or bullion.

Jewler's Cut Pawn

We Are One of the Most Highly Rated Pawn Shops in Alabama!

Sell to Us

Get Top Dollar For Your Unwanted Items!

Get Cash In An Instant

Yes, you got it right; now you can sell your items in a flash for on-the-spot cash. We at Jewelers Cut Pawn pay the most for your valuables in Cullman, Alabama. Sell your old, used, or even broken jewelry pieces, silver, diamonds, rare coins, bullions, luxury watches. We also accept your guitars & musical instruments, all kinds of electronics, power tools and machines, sports equipment, gift cards, or any other item that has value.

You simply bring us your valuables, we professionally appraise your items & negotiate a price, & you walk out of our store with instant cash; it's that simple.

Jeweler's Cut Pawn is the friendliest place to sell your valuables in the Cullman, Alabama area. We have certified experts in their respective fields & are extraordinarily trained to meticulously & accurately appraise your items to ensure the most amount of cash for you.

Jewler's Cut Pawn

Sell Your Items in a Flash

Walk-in With Your Items

Just walk in with the items you would like to sell

Present a Valid Photo ID

Present a Valid Govt. Issued Photo ID Proof

We Do an on the Spot Appraisal

We will do a quick, professional appraisal of your items

Instant Cash for You

You get instant cash within minutes!

Selling Your Items Is Easy

• Sell anything that has value & as many items as you wish
• Your item's condition, market price & salability determines the value
• Your items are appraised by trained professionals.
• On The Spot Appraisal & Cash For You
• No credit check or lengthy procedures
• Confidential transactions

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